The craftmanship work

The production processes adopted by our company are entirely handmade. We follow every implementation step of the artistic piece starting from the object idea, designing it and then molding it in practice. The sketches are still made in pencil, with particular attention to proportions and details (decorations, pedestals, handles, etc.). The sketch is basic to realize the model; depending on the drawing we create the mold which is then filled with the raw material, the Impruneta soil, using the cast technique. When our object is ready, we proceed to an extremely delicate step which is the extraction from the mold: the material is still fresh during this step and we must  carefully handle it not to cause it damage and imperfections. The surfaces should always be cleaned exclusively by hand and then we must wait for the time that will be needed for the marl run dry. Once the product has dried, it will be oven- baked in a special high temperature oven. Cooking is a long phase, in which the products remain in the oven for four days; the temperature inside the oven increases and decreases, up to exceed 1000 ° C at its highest point.